Some Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is extended warranty plan from GoWarranty?

GoWarranty provides a unique protection plan with which you can cover all functional appliances and gadgets.

GoWarranty provides extended warranty, repair, and after-sales services for your devices so your appliances or devices keep delivering the best performance.

Why should I buy an Extended Warranty plan?

Manufacturers or the original equipment manufactures (OEMs) provide warranty on their devices for a very limited period of time. After that period is expired, you are at risk of spending thousands if your product fails and needs repair or service.

With an extended warranty plan, you can extend the tenure of warranty to the term of your choice and save yourself from spending thousands in the event your product fails owing to manufacturing or workmanship defects.

Where can I buy the protection plans?

Our protection plans are widely available across electronics stores and online marketplaces.

When does the extended warranty plan starts?

Our Warranty plans starts the very next day after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. For example, if the brand warranty expires today, our warranty will automatically come into effect tomorrow, such that your electronic appliance or gadgets are always covered.

What are the brands covered by GoWarranty?

Our warranty plans cover all brands which are purchased in India and comes with an one year OEM/manufacturer warranty.

How Plan Works

What is not covered under the program?

Our plan provides comprehensive cover for your appliances including protection against functional failures. However, it must be noted that the cover is provided on the understanding that you will take care of your appliances. Any act that puts your appliances at risk will not be covered under the program. Some of the examples of what is not covered by your plan are:

  • a. Operating your appliances not as per your manufacturer’s usage guidelines
  • b. Keeping them in a place where they are exposed to environmental factors that impacts the life of your appliances
  • c. Not being careful while handling or transporting your appliance even within the same premises
  • d. Failure to protect your appliances from infestation by pests and rodents etc.
  • e. Consumable parts like filters in a water purifier or a kitchen chimney, which are designed to last for a certain lifetime and hence replaced by the consumer are not covered.
  • f. Accessories, cosmetic parts or parts that are not critical to the functioning of the appliances are not covered.
  • g. Cosmetic damages like scratches, dents etc. are not covered.
How long after my product purchase date can I purchase the plan?

Extended warranty program from GoWarranty and Services covers products that are up to 9 months old.

Where will my device be serviced or repaired?

We work with brand authorized service centres and employ qualified technicians to handle your device repairs. Our qualified technician would reach your home or take the product to the service centre (if needed) for repairs.

Service Requests

How do I raise a repair request?

You can raise service request by writing to [email protected] or call or toll-free number at 1800-123-868686.

What do I have to pay for repairs?

You absolutely pay nothing for any repair incurred in your device till the invoice price has reached.

Can I avail a service if I relocate to a new address?

Yes, you can avail our services provided your new address comes under our serviceable pin code.

How many times will the device be repaired?

There is no limit on the number of service requests you can raise against Extended Warranty. We will keep repairing the device till the total costs of all repairs do not exceed the value of the device.

However, if for any 1 Service Request, the cost of repairs is greater than the current/last available market value of the device, the device will be replaced. Replacement is provided in the form of new or refurbished device or Gift Cards.

What If...

What if the device cannot be repaired?

For brands that do not repair damaged parts or if the device cannot be repaired due to unavailability of spare parts, we will provide you with an equivalent replacement device which may or may not be a new piece. To receive the replacement, it is necessary for the OEM to have a support center established in the specified location for the retrieval of the replacement product.

What if move or relocate to a new address?

You can still avail our services provided your new address comes under our serviceable pin code.

What if the product cannot be repaired or the repair exceeds the unit’s value?

If the unit is not repairable for any reason, or the cost of repairing exceeds the unit’s invoice amount; we may offer to replace your product or make a monetary settlement reflecting the prevailing market value of your product.

What if I don't have the device invoice for rasing a service request

Relax. You do not need a invoice copy or proof of purchase to raise a service request. You have already shared the device details and other documents during activating the plan. We will not ask you any documentation for rasing a service or repair reqeust.

Certificate Of Protection (COP)

What is the certificate of protection?

The Certificate Of Protection (COP) is the confirmation from GoWarranty that your appliance or gadget is protected under the extended warranty program. It will also allow us to provide you quick and efficient service at the time of registration a service request.

How do I get the COP?

It only takes a couple of clicks.

  • 1. You'll receive an automated system email once you purchase a plan. The email will have your login credentials which can be used to sign-in to your GoWarranty account.
  • 2. Update your device details and upload the invoice details in the plan activation form. Ensure that the IMEI/Serial Number on your device matches the one that is mentioned on the purchase invoice and/or the serial number displayed on the device image uploaded during plan activation.
  • 3. Upon successful submission of the details, you will get your certificate of protection. Please archive this Certificate of Protection till the term of the extended warranty.

Damage Protection Plan

What is GoWarranty's Damage Protection Plan?

GoWarranty Protection plan protects your electronics and gives you complete peace of mind against any kind of accidental physical and liquid damages.

With GoWarranty Protection Plan if your device is accidentaly damaged and breaks, you don’t need to worry about the pain of taking it to the service centre and bearing huge repair cost.

GoWarranty will arrange for a pickup (available for selected devices and plans) of your device from your doorstep, take it to the service center, get it repaired and deliver it back to you without you stepping out of your house and spending a single rupee.

What benefits are offered with GoWarranty's Damage Protection Plan?

GoWarranty's damage protection plan protects your devices against any accidental and liquid damages also it provide you array of other benefits.

What is the validity of GoWarranty's Damage protection plan?

GoWarranty's Damage protection plan is an annual membership which is valid for one year from the date of plans purchase. However we recommend you to check your account dashbaord or COP to check the start date and end date of your plan validity.

My device got accidentally damaged, how can I file the claim for it?

In case your device is accidentally damaged, please log in at to file the claim or also you can call us on our toll-free number 1800 123 868686. Please make sure you inform us about your damage within 48 hours of damage. Filing to report the claim within the given timeline will void the claim and you will not be able to raise the service request.

I broke my device accidently do I need to pay for the repair?

If you are active member of GoWarranty Damage protection plan you don’t need to worry about repair and repair charges attached to it. We will arrange a pickup for the device from your doorstep (*available for selected devices and plans), get it repaired and deliver it back to you without you stepping out of your home or pay any money for repairs. You will only be required to pay very minimal excess charges which is 7.5% of repair charges value depending upon the plan selected by you. Please check your Plans Terms and Condition document to know your eligible Excess charges.

I bought a new device, can I transfer my Damage Protection plan to new device?

No, you cannot transfer an existing plan which is activated to your new device.

I have raised the claims, where do I need to submit my device for repair?

Once you successfully raise the claim with all required documents, GoWarranty team will get in touch with you for your appointment and will collect the device (available for selected devices and plans) or book a time as per your convenience for a home inspection of the damaged device.